We are a company with 19 years of experience in sales of wood working machinery.

We also specialize in clearing building from damage such as fire damage, flood damage etc. We also utilize all machines and hardware.

We can provide you with all documents needed for any damage related waste.

We offer legal and logistics services within import and export all over the world.

In our offer you will find:

-wood working machines
-metal and milling machines
-power generators
-WEMA automatic rollers


Thermovisional diagnostics

-Finding over heated moving elements of light machinery such as bearings, drive shafts, axles and clutches.
- Diagnosing of electrical problems of wiring looms.
- Diagnosing of pipe insulation and their damage.
- Finding out the state of chamber insulation.

Book a diagnostic appointment in your company to prevent breaking down and unexpected pauses in your line.

Plan on fixing your machine before it breaks and slows down your work in the most inconvenient time.

Thermo visional rescue service.

The attendance of a technician available on request,
Diagnostics of damage and quote on replacements.
Please call
+48 502 66 33 30

Photo showing an over heating track before break down



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